I'm a lover of so many things! But if I had to narrow it down: Cooking + baking, bright colors, whimsical illustrations, handmade cards, big house plants, tangy palomas, beautiful cookbooks, messy tacos, camping with my husband, and lovin' up on my cat, Sam. Woohoo, let's hang!

Back in 2013 I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ohio University's E.W. Scripps College of Visual Communication with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication, focusing on Informational Graphic Design + Print Publication layout, with an added specialization in Magazine Journalism—Do I get points for having the longest major title ever? I think I should.


In addition to being a design lover, I am also passionate about everything that has to do with food—whether it's reading, cooking, discovering, eating or just posting photos of it! So, it was unbelievably lucky that I received the opportunity to combine my two passions and lay-out food magazines. (It didn't hurt that snagging a job in my exact field of study made my mother so happy—win, win.)


For the years past 6 years, I've worked as a freelance print layout and digital designer for a handful of local food and culture magazines from coast to coast: Seven in New York— Edible Brooklyn, Edible Manhattan, Edible East EndEdible Long Island, Edible Queens, Edible Hudson Valley, and Edible Westchesteras well as one in California— Edible Marin & Wine Country, one in Tennessee—Edible Memphis, one in Idaho—Edible Idaho, and one in Colorado—Edible Denver. I collaborate with the publishers + editors to design the entire magazine from start to finish: beginning with receiving the content, choosing photos, creating original layouts, placing and building advertisements, putting the cover art together, all the way to uploading the completed magazine at printers (on schedule!)—I put my heart into each issue and try to create refreshing and original designs and bring a positive energy to every new issue I work on. Throughout this job I've really learned the behind-the-scenes process of turning raw stories and photos into to a tangible, printed work of art.

I am an organized, enthusiastic and detail-oriented person that works efficiently on my own but also thrives as a part of a passionate, creative team. I pride myself on having a reputation for turning projects around quickly and can bring an energetic vibe to just about any environment that I am thrown into.

I work remotely out of my apartment in Boston, MA, and spend my free time explore the forests + beaches of New England, binging television, cooking new recipes, and eat tacos in my free time.


Have any questions? Want to work together? Just love tacos? Reach out any time!