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Hi there! 👋 I'm Chloe.

I love designing with bright colors, drawing my own illustrations, drinking limey G&Ts, experimenting in the kitchen, making my own birthday cards, owning too many house plants, dousing all food in hot sauce, and snuggling my teeny orange cat, Sam Malone (I guess I also love watching Cheers). Thanks for stopping by my corner of my world!

hat-final (1 of 1).jpg

I'm a designer and illustrator coming up on 10 years of experience (what! how?) and I recently relocated to Seattle after
8 years of Boston winters (miss the lobster rolls — don't miss the snow).


I am an organized, enthusiastic,
detail-oriented person, and I love nothing more than colla
borating with other
people to create something new.  

Feel free to reach out with questions
(or Seattle restaurant recs) anytime.


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