Edible Memphis is a print publication that celebrates the food, farm and community in the mid-south, four issues per year. I worked with the publisher and editors-in-chief to bring the design and layout of this beautiful magazine to life—from the very beginning of the initial draft up until I upload the pages to print. I was the contracted designer for the Memphis team from January 2019 to March 2020, and love every minute of it! Below is a slideshow of my all-time favorite Edible Memphis layouts that I created, as well as a collection of all of the print issues that I've designed.

All images and content are copyrighted by Edible Memphis. For more information and to subscribe to the magazine, visit: www.ediblememphis.com

My Favorite


From the
Edible Memphis 
issues that I've designed this year.

Edible Memphis No.42
Edible Memphis No.42

Winter 2019

Edible Memphis No.43
Edible Memphis No.43

Spring 2019