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Logo for Client's + Printed Visual Query Letter to Intelligentsia Coffee

Created a logo to brand a double sided visual query letter for a client in Brooklyn NY who was proposing a the concept of a children's coffee book to Intelligentsia Coffee. Summer 2014. (Above—Left: Front, Right: Back)

Eat Drink Local Week 2014 Logo

Created for NY's Ediible magazine's event week, Summer 2014

Education Abroad T-Shirt Logo

Created for Ohio University's Office of Education Abroad Event T-shirts, Spring 2013

Duel For The Schools Event Loog

Created for a charity event hosted by Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity, Spring 2012

Rewarding Rides Charity Logo

Freelance logo created for a friend's bike-riding charity, Fall 2012

Join, Read, Enjoy GIF 

Created for Edible Manhattan's website, Fall 2013

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